Journal Articles

Rabaiotti, Daniella & Woodroffe, Rosie (2018) Coping with climate change: limits to behavioural plasticity in a tropical carnivore, In Review

Woodroffe, Rosie; Rabaiotti, Daniella; Ngatia, Dedan; Smallwood, Thomas; Strebel, Stefanie; O’Neill, Helen (2018) Dispersal, group formation, and group termination in an obligate cooperative breeder, In Review

Popular Science

Rabaiotti, D. and Caruso, N. M. (2017) ‘Does it Fart?’, Quercus             New York Times Best Seller     

Rabaiotti, D. and Caruso, N. M. (contract signed for 2018) ‘True or Poo’, Quercus